Feminism means social, economic, and political equality between men and women. Feminism emphasizes giving women equal opportunity, equal treatment, and equal protection of rights and interests at par with men.  The concept of feminism emerged because earlier women were exploited and treated unequally by men. Women were only supposed to take care of their household work and were therefore not allowed to work outside their homes like men to earn for their families. Women were considered to exist only to please men and were not given equal opportunities in education, politics, and work. Tired of this injustice and inequality a feminist movement began all over the world to give women equal rights and opportunities with men. Today, in most parts of the world women have achieved equal status with men.


Feminism emerged to establish equality between men and women. However, today women use feminism mostly to demean men, harass them insult them, and even assault them publicly. This is called Fake feminism or pseudo-feminism. There is the dangerous rise of fake feminism in India where the women play the victim card, gain public sympathy and manipulate things in such a way that even innocent men get trapped and is blamed for something which he never did.

True feminists demand equal rights between men and women. But fake feminists demand more rights, privileges, freedom, advantages than men just because they are women. Nowadays women are actually offered more opportunities than men.  Many reservations are given to women in every field so that they are not dominated by men. However, in reality, these reservations do injustice to men as they instead of giving equal opportunities actually give unfair superior and better opportunities to women.

In India, laws relating to women’s protection are very strict to protect women from any kind of exploitation. When a case of abuse, assault, dowry, domestic violence, sexual harassment is filed by a woman against any man then the woman is assumed to be right and immediate action like an arrest is taken against the man who is accused. Strict action is taken against the men even before making any proper investigation or inquiry. This has encouraged women to easily file fake cases against men as they know that the police and the court will trust them and not the men. Laws that were made to protect women are today easily abused and misused by women.

In cases of any minor disagreement, quarrel, argument, the tiff between husband and wife, the wife threatens to file a fake domestic violence case against the husband and her in-laws. In such cases, mostly the husband suffers quietly as he knows that if he would take any action against the abusive wife then he and his family will be judged by society as wrong and the woman will get all the support. Many times we have seen cases where women start assaulting or abusing men in public alleging the men to misbehave with them. The poor man gets arrested and defamed and is not even given a chance to prove his innocence. In this way even an innocent man who never misbehaved or disrespected or outraged the modesty of a woman also has to suffer shame, social stigma, and insult by society. Later on, after the investigation even if the man is found to be innocent his entire life gets ruined as he loses everything, his job, his self-respect.


We have seen a recent example of fake feminism in the case of Priyadarshini and Shahadat Ali. In Lucknow,  a woman, Priyadarshini crossing the road alleges a cab driver, Shahadat Ali of rash driving and accuses him by saying he was about to run the car over her. The woman pulled the cab driver out of the cab by his collar, broke his mobile phone, and start slapping him accusing him of violating traffic rules and trying to kill her. The woman repeatedly slapped the cab driver 22 times and the poor cab driver kept asking her what was his fault. She physically abused him in a public place but still, the cab driver did not slap her back or even touch her. The bystanders recorded the entire incident. The woman complained to the police and the poor cab driver who did absolutely nothing was arrested and landed in lock–up. 

When the CCTV footage of the incident came out the footage became viral as it showed that the cab driver had not violated any of the traffic rules and had stopped his cab immediately when the woman came in front of the car.  The footage clearly showed that the woman did not get hurt and she was crossing the road when the signal was green. The CCTV footage proved that neither did the cab driver violate any traffic rule nor did he try to run his car over the woman with the intention to kill her. Everybody started demanding justice for the cab driver and police had to release him from lock-up. When the woman was interviewed by news channels she cooked up many stories like the signal was red, the cab driver was overspeeding, she had been attacked and beaten up for the past 6 months. She did all this just to justify her misbehavior. When she was asked the reason why people are attacking her she couldn’t give any reason. This is a classic example of fake feminism.


The essence of feminism is establishing equality between both men and women. However, fake feminism only emphasizes the superiority of women over men, demeaning men, portraying women as a vulnerable class of society that is always exploited by men.  I, as a woman strongly believe in feminism but at the same time, I also believe in gender equality. Women should stop playing the victim card all the time and no man should be alleged of fake accusations of exploitation, harassment, or misbehavior. In case of any such police complaint by a woman against any man, there should be a proper investigation of the case before taking any strict action against the man. We should follow the principle of treating the man innocent until proven guilty.


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